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As we begin the staff hiring season, I am always thinking about staff training and how to make it work with my staff coming from across the globe.  Yes, we set an arrival date, and create a training schedule, but what if someone doesn’t show?  What if we have late hires?  What if that perfect administrative team member doesn’t finish school or work in time to be at camp for ALL of staff training?  This is where Vital Camps becomes a VITAL part of your staff training agenda!

The Vital Camps platform is YOUR information – everything on there is what you want your staff to know and learn about YOUR camp and YOUR program!  One of the greatest uses I find is teaching the staff the “hard skills” of safety compliance – things like behavior management, mandated reporting, and others.  Vital Camps can use videos you have created for covering these topics, or they have stock videos, written and produced by experienced camp directors, that they can put in your online training.  Of course, each U.S. state or Canadian province has different rules and regulations regarding working with children.  Here is where you can train your staff to adhere to your local regulations and laws, not having to rely on “canned” information from outside sources that may or may not be relevant to your program.

By putting all YOUR information into the Vital Camps platform, you can share it with staff who have to arrive late or are late hires.  The portal is always available for staff to return to and brush up on anything they forget.  It is accessible to them 24/7, so they can look at it or take the quizzes after school, after dinner, on weekends, whenever!  You can get late hires to run through the program prior to their arrival as well – they will be MUCH more prepared to step into their new role!  The Vital Camps platform is always there, too – it doesn’t shut down just because camp started!

One more thing – by having Vital Camps as part of your training program, you have an opportunity to open the platform to staff as you hire them!  No more waiting until the first week of June to get everyone in the same place and cram their brains full of information in just a few days!  Staff can go back to ANY section of the online training to review information they are unsure of or just don’t remember!  I find this especially helpful with my international staff whose first language is not always English.  By making this online training available early, they have the time to read it, translate it if necessary, and ask the important questions before they arrive!

Really, what are you waiting for?  Sign up for a demo today.  Believe me, this will change the way you view staff training forever!

Yours in Camping,

Kris Ebner Martin

Ebner Camps, Inc./Vital Camps

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