The Vital Camper program

VITAL CAMPS is more than a platform for staff training.  There is also a platform for your camper families!  This week’s blog is all about the VITAL CAMPER program!

Imagine for a moment a spot in cyberspace where ALL the information your camp families need is in one place.  This is everything from your parent handbook, your health care policies and procedures, and maps of the camp, to your new and everchanging Covid-19 protocols.  Sharing this information with parents used to take multiple mailings – print or digital – and the cost was buckets of dollars or man-hours.  With the new VITAL CAMPS Camper module, all this information in on YOUR Vital Camps site, accessible with any piece of technology (phone, tablet, computer), and available to parents 24/7/365. 

One of the greatest aspects of VITAL CAMPS as a whole, and particularly for this module, is the ability to track who has read the information provided.  Your dashboard will track the camper families and you will be able to see who has seen/read the information and who has not.  This is a great tool, allowing you to reach out to those families that may need a nudge in getting their campers ready for arrival at camp.

This platform also allows all your information to be the families’ one-stop resource for all camp procedures and policies in the everchanging Covid-19 world, as it relates to your camp.  There would be no more confusion or miscommunication for parents when they call and get differing answers, depending on who answers the phone! 

Within this module, you can put your camp video, loads of happy camper photos, and other tidbits to get the campers and parents revved up and ready for camp!  Unlike the staffing module, there are no quizzes that parents have to take!  You could include a fun word-search or crossword puzzle with camp lingo!  Or a “find the camp director” photo search (like the Bernie Sanders meme going viral online)!  The only limit here is your imagination!

My camp families love the VITAL CAMPS Camper module, and I know yours will too!  Pick up the phone or drop Thomas at Vital Camps an email today to get your party started!

Yours in Camping,

Kris Ebner Martin

Ebner Camps, Inc./Vital Camps

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